The members of the association strive to provide the highest standards possible therefore they believe: 

Dentistry is made up of different specializing fields. In order to provide the possible highest standard of remedy a team of specialized dentists is essential: 
The practices employ a minimum of ten dentists / oral surgeons to hold specializing diploma.
The safety of the medical care depends on the respective utilization of  the existing capacity:
Practices are equipped with a minimum of 5 modern dental medical operating units and prepare at least 1500 units of aesthetic tooth replacements a year.
Modern dental technology demands an adequate medical experience:
Practices placed a minimum of 1000 implants a year in the past 2 years.
Using all advantages given by today’s computer technology secure patient care and high quality patient satisfaction:
Practices use cutting edge technology CAD-CAM (Procera, Cercon, Cerec, Everest) and pre-implantation surgery planning methods on a daily basis.
The quality of treatment strongly relate to the quality of the surgerys’ equipments:
All materials and instruments are of the highest quality and only sourced from reputable manufacturers: (KaVo, Siemens, Morita, Castellini, ADec, WH, Nouvag, NSK, Trophy, DeTrey, Kerr, Nobel, Zimmer, Friadent, etc.)
The development of medical attendance makes it possible to provide the best yet affordable treatment available for every patient:
Practices ensure that all practitioners work within industry recognized protocols, including clinical governance and undergo regular internal clinical audits and assessments. They also participate in ongoing dental and hygienist clinical education and professional development courses.
The precision of diagnosis is the key factor to enhance prevention, therapy and rehabilitation:
Practices dispose both digital intra-oral and panoramic X-ray equipments.
It is essential to keep attention to patients' safety:
Companies possess great value profession liability insurance throughout Europe.
The quality of patient care has to be credited by external experts:
Practices aspire to introduce an audited quality assurance system. 
Up-to-date knowledge is not possible without excellent international communication:
Practices employ multilingual staff.
Precise administration is the foundation to high quality patient care, this includes post-treatment follow-ups and a good customer relations: 
The practices employ a team of co-ordinators and customer care staff.

It is very important to create a safety environment for foreign patients during their stay:
Practices operate their distinctive transfer service. 

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