Patients can benefit in a number of ways by choosing a Quality Dental Association member to carry out their entire treatment. The Quality Dental Services commitment summarizes how the this scheme affect patients’ experiences and satisfaction.
Only members provide multilingual customer service to their patients, this include exchange of information, correspondence, trip organizing, transfer, accommodation, personal co-ordination and 24 hour emergency call service.
Members aim to provide dental care of a consistently good quality for all patients
They only provide care that meets patient needs and wishes
They aim to make the treatment as comfortable, short and convenient as possible
They look after patients' general health and safety while receiving dental care
They comply with the strict regulations of the State Public Health Service (ÁNTSZ) and follow the current guidelines on infection control

They take part in clinical education and professional development courses to keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date
They train all staff in practice-wide work systems and review training plans once a year
They encourage practices to check that all professional and legal requirements are in place, with the relevant policies and protocols to ensure compliance
They have internal practice management tools to ensure compliance with professional and legal responsibilities
They provide quality assurance to patients
They represent accountability and thrust
They received recognition of efforts for good practice
Practices work with improved and recognized standards

They fully meet and comply with clinical governance requirements

Dentists in Hungary – Further Information

The Hungarian Medical Chamber which is made up of dentists and physicians is the central organization to which all Hungarian dentist's must belong (currently about 5000 dentists in practice). The chamber supervises its members deciding on suitability to practice and proper ethical conduct.

Dental Ethics

The Medical Chamber's ethical standards are enforced upon its members. Ethical committees meet at both local and national level: the make up of these committees is dependent on the nature of the breach of practice being investigated. The Council of European Dentists' code of ethics also applies to Hungarian dentists.


Ethical complaints are dealt with by the Medical Chamber. All other complaints will typically be sent first to the provider of the treatment, if resolution of the problem fails then a complaint may be addressed to the National Public Health & Medical Officers Service. Finally, complaints may be addressed through the common courts.

Continuing education

Hungary has a system of mandatory continuing education. The system allows dentists to aggregate points from a number of training courses over a 5 year period up to the full requirement of 250 points. In practice this represents around 250 hours of additional training for dentists in each 5 year period.

Data Protection

Hungary complies with EU regulations on data protection. Adherence is monitored by an independent ombudsman in accordance with The Health Data Processing Act of 1997. This act guarantees an individuals access to their medical records in a timely fashion as well as the protection of data by medical practitioners.

Hungarian Ministry of Health

Council of European Dentists

CED/DLC:Code of Ethics (Word Doc)

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